How to Pick the Best Table Lamp for Your Bedroom

How to Pick the Best Table Lamp for Your Bedroom

We end each and every night with a good book and about 30-60 minutes to delve into fictional tales or factual information. After a whole day of working online all day, cozying up with a book eases us into the comfortable and relaxed state for sleep.

Having the right lighting for a reader can make a big difference too, so we put together this top ten of best reader’s lights, ranging from affordable Target and IKEA offerings to lamps that you might need to dream up some money for….

Every nightstand needs a light fixture that can cast enough of a glow to read by without waking up a bedmate. These five pull off that combination in style. More at

1.Elise Mini Table Lamp

this small footprint light is very same lamp that sits in the corner of our bedside corner shelf. It has an adjustable dimming operation and is built with sturdy construction.

2.Urbanara Avintes Lamp

The Avintes lamp is a well-priced but stylish beside option that combines a coloured shade with a wrought iron base. Made by a small Portuguese manufacturer, there’s impressive material quality here. The shade is 100 per cent cotton and antistatic so it won’t collect dust. It takes a 40W E27 lightbulb, which isn’t included. There are charcoal grey and green versions of the shade too.

3.AJ Table Lamp

Originally created for a hotel in Copenhagen by Danish design star Arne Jacobsen, the sleek AJ has an expanded shade with a tiltable head that provides a large, downward-directed pool of light that you can redirect as desired. It’s available in eight colors and sports a simple, old-school single-click on/off switch on its cast-iron base, so you won’t fumble in the dark.

How to Pick the Best Table Lamp for Your Bedroom
How to Pick the Best Table Lamp for Your Bedroom

4.Bureau DeBank Reading-lamp

A lamp and magazine rack in one, a great idea for us chronic magazine readers.

5.Cate & Nelson Fiat Lux

Like the Bureau DeBank lamp above, the Fiat Lux has a built-in slot for reading material. The Fiat Lux is roomier, accommodating books or magazines. When turned on, the words “Fiat Lux” (“let there be light”) become visible on the side of the lamp.

6.Zara Lotus Flower Lamp

Zara’s eastern-inspired bedside light has an antique gold finish and comes with a cotton shade. The unusual lamp brings a bit of vintage luxury to the bedroom, but is well equipped for the modern day. It takes a 60W bulb and has a transparent cord with in-line switch. It’s dainty enough for a small bedside table, but would work on a small desk or dressing table too.

7.FLOS D’E-Light

Have a tangle of cords running across your bedside table? The D’E-Light is part reading lamp, part docking station: The LED light’s intensity can be set to full or half power while the built-in connector on top recharges your mobile device.

8.IKEA Kulla Table Lamp

We’ve always thought IKEA was at their best when they offer simple, modern, no-frills design like this Kulla table lamp. Available in 3 colours with three-way touch dimmer that let you turn on and off/dim by touching the dimmer after you’ve finished your New York Times bestseller. The $49.95 price tag is as easy on wallet as the lamp is on the eyes.

Bedside lamps can set the mood for your entire bedroom, so choosing the right kind of table lamps to adorn your side tables is integral to the look and feel you want to convey. The best bedroom lamp for you will depend on your preferences. You may want a lamp to match your bedroom furniture, or you might need something to provide lots of light for reading.