Choose The Best Table Lamp?

Once you’ve established how much brightness you need from what type of reading lamp, it’s time to select the best type of lighting that can meet those needs.

There are a various light bulb options that offer a range of lumen outputs. However, the most often used for residential needs are fluorescent, incandescent and LED light bulbs, so we’ll focus on these particular types.

Fluorescent – While many people appreciate the energy efficiency and white light of compact fluorescent light bulbs (or CFLs as they’re commonly called), these are actually not a great choice for tasks where you will be intently focusing.

Due to minute voltage fluctuations, fluorescent lights have a consistent yet visually imperceptible flickering, which strains eyes over long periods of time and can even cause headaches.

Incandescent – Traditional incandescent bulbs are one of the best options when it comes to light that is easy on the eyes. They don’t flicker because they create light by heating a filament, and they provide a consistent warm-hued glow ideal for reading or focusing.

LED- LED light bulbs offer the brightest white light and will illuminate in a way that is closer to how daylight appears, making it easy to see every word on the page; however, it’s worth noting that the brightness of LED lights can cause a bit of glare if you’re reading a book with glossier pages.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

NOTE: I was NOT compensated for this review at all. I needed a lamp, I bought a lamp, I love lamp (Anchorman, anybody?), I reviewed the lamp.My old LED desk lamp was starting to flicker – I think there’s something wrong with the power supply, but I didn’t want to pick it apart to figure that out.

I found this one on Amazon due to its good reviews and for $20 bucks, how could I go wrong? I saw other ones for sale that are supposedly more powerful, but I really liked the design of this one and I didn’t need that strong of a light anyway.The packaging of the light exuded quality. Minimal waste, mostly recyclable. While the light isn’t heavy, it is stable on my desk.

That it has a metal arm both looks and feels sturdy, and yet, the whole unit is very sleek and trim. The arm and light can fold flat and out of the way, which is useful when you have a cluttered desk (see photo).

Also, the touch-sensor buttons are perfectly responsive without being flaky.The light it gives off exceeded my expectations – the brightest setting is enough to work on its own in a dark room.

It has 3 levels of brightness that seem appropriate. It also has a ‘night-light’ feature that I didn’t expect (was probably in the description and I glanced over it) but I like. It’s useful when I’m fumbling for something on my desk late at night (this is my home office, so that’s not out-of-realm).

So far, if I could find anything to complain about, its that the base tilts up when I try to adjust the arm upward. I could either velcro the base to my desk, weigh it down (pictured Rubik’s Cube was not enough) or the most likely scenario: use my other hand to hold the base down while I adjust. No big whoop.

Doesn’t keep me from thinking it’s 5-star worthy. Also, this light doesn’t have a built-in USB charger. I’ve seen other lamps with them, which is nice but I didn’t need them – I have a charging hub on my desk. That it doesn’t have them means that’s one less thing to break, and it isn’t taking up visual/physical space. Have I mentioned that I like how sleek this light is?So there you have it. I love lamp! Thank you Taotronics.

[2 IN 1] Clamp on Desk Lamp 

The lamp has a angle clamp allowing you to attach on to thinner objects. The clamp has silicone to prevent it from slipping and keeping a tight grip. The lamp can be adjusted a full 360 degrees, shining light on any spot you desire. The battery life on the lamp can last up to 8 hours, and varies with the intensity of use.

Amir Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Adjust the brightness of this lamp to your liking. With 3 different levels of control for simply reading or drawing. The clamp can be adjusted to anything with a thickness of up to 5cm, making it ideal for thinner objects. With a built-in 600 mAh battery you can expect to get a few hours of use depending on the intensity of the brightness.

ZEEFO Flaxen Table Lamp for Bedroom

This minimalist Japanese-style tatami night stand lamp is one of the best night stand lamps. It is perfect for bedroom, living room, study room, college dorm, and kids’ room. It provides warm brightness that helps light up a room’s corner without blinding or making it uncomfortably bright.

Its cord length is 5.24 feet (1.6 meters) and the switch distance from the base is 0.82 foot (25 centimeters) for easy operation. Of all the modern nightstand lamps, the ZEEFO Flaxen Table Lamp comes top.

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

This is an incredible lamp for an incredible price. I was looking for a nice, modern lamp to use on my desk for studying/homework when I come across this lamp. It was perfect, especially considering the price. When I received the LAMPAT, I was surprised at how heavy the base was.

The lamp came in two parts, the heavy base and the actual lamp “stick”. The lamp base is made out of a porcelain-like material (if not porcelain) which weighs a few pounds which is quite nice. There is a hole in the middle of the base which the lamp “stick” connects to. The lamp stick offers a lot of adjustability.

The lampat light stick can swivel 180°, as well as bend 45° from the bottom as well as a hinge in the middle of the lamp. The LAMPAT also comes with a power cable which plugs in into the back of the lamp stick. Now onto the features.

On the front of the lamp stick you will find 8 touch-sensitive buttons: power, timer, sleep mode, relax mode, study mode, reading mode, lower brightness and raise brightness. I will go over what each button does below.Power – obviously turns the lamp on however when powered off the power button glows redTimer.

If you tap this button while the lamp is on this will set a 60 minute timer which turns the lamp off after 60 minutes of inactivitySleep mode – this mode produces the warmest light of all the modes and helps you fall asleep.

Relax mode – this mode is a little bit less warm than the sleep mode and is better for doing things while maintaining a relaxed moodStudy mode – study mode produces the coldest light of all the modes and is useful for staying awake while studying for long hoursReading mode – reading mode emits a slightly less harsh light than study mode and is good for reading (obviously)The brightness buttons either lower of raise the brightness.

All the modes can be set to 5 brightness levels. Also, another cool feature is that if you set, for example, reading mode to the third brightness setting and relax mode to the first brightness setting, the lamp will remember those brightness settings even after the lamp is turned off. Also, the LAMPAT is great for videographers/YouTubers who need an adequate light source to illuminate their subject.

My only complaint about this lamp is that I wish the lamp stick were made out of a nicer material than plastic, however, for the price I really can’t complain. The LAMPAT lamp is a great lamp that performs like lamps five times its price.

Pros: Great Value, premium touch-sensitive controls, nice build quality, different color temperatures, settings memory

Cons: Lamp stick is made of plastic which is weird considering that the base is made out of premium materials.

Limelights White LT2024-WHT Stick Lamp

The Limelights White LT2024-WHT Stick Lamp comes with a charging outlet for ease of operation, and fabric shade for enhanced visual appeal. It is a fashionable and fun lamp whose performance clearly surpasses the performance of other bedside reading lamps. It is equipped with a 2 prong outlet seated in the base, which you can use to charge mobile phones, tablets, handheld games, and other small electronics.

Like most quality bedside lamps, the Limelights White LT2024-WHT Stick Lamp is ideal for bedrooms, offices, dorms, and even living room. Its white color makes it one of the best bedroom lamps. More at

The time has come to take the beauty of your room to the next level using these modern nightstand lamps. They are made to offer the much-needed light in an adorable way. They have everything you need from performance to functionality to durability.

Place them in your living space or bedroom and see what you’ve been missing. They come in a variety of designs and colors, so visit Amazon today and get that particular one whose features best suits your needs.